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Some events you can control, some you cannot. How and what employees communicate on the job affects your profits substantially. Creative and constructive dialog best serves your interest and money. Unproductive chatter can slowly erode your profits. Take a peak at our LOST TIME CHART and see for yourself. What can 10 minutes of non-productive talk cost your company by year end?

Most people cannot verbally confront an issue with another person.
Some try using makeshift methods. Needless to say, they find
themselves frustrated and annoyed at the situation and themselves.

Many people find speaking in front of groups and verbally confronting another person to be very difficult. Yet for many people, success relies on applying these skills. These skills are a psychological process that can be learned.

The essence of personal growth encompasses one's body, mind, and
social awareness. Communication requires one to learn developmentally.
Many activities of verbal confrontation are involved with how the
mind, body, and social aspects interact.

The inability to verbally confront our daily challenges is lacking in so many of us. It's also labeled 'low self-esteem' or even 'lack of confidence'. As adults, we are addicted to old patterns and beliefs, complacent, and inept at verbal confrontation. By not correcting this condition, we slowly erode our power to properly socialize, comfortably develop, and spiritually grow.

The body-ego and mental-ego must be in harmony and unified. This takes some practice. One may need to investigate programs on improving communication, public speaking, conflict resolution, and negotiation.

One unique and effective tool is the Verbal Confrontation Model, presented in the book titled Handling Verbal Confrontation. Simple in design, the Model enables one to probe the challenging behavior or issue using a perfected and psychologically sound protocol. Have a look at best online casino bonus and win jackpot! Once learned and applied, the mind and body become more balanced. They work together offering controlled emotions and sharpened mental processing. Soon, the fear of facing others is mitigated and resolution is achieved.

The Verbal Confrontation Model was developed experientially. It's a real-life process that captures the psychological essence of what occurs when two people verbally interact in a confrontation.


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