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Some events you can control, some you cannot. How and what employees communicate on the job affects your profits substantially. Creative and constructive dialog best serves your interest and money. Unproductive chatter can slowly erode your profits. Take a peak at our LOST TIME CHART and see for yourself. What can 10 minutes of non-productive talk cost your company by year end?
Every moment of our lives virtually involves some form of interaction within a relationship; whether it be a person, place, or event. When a difference, imbalance, or disagreement occurs, then the energy in that relationship generates a conflict. Conflicts consciously and subconsciously prompt a confrontation, which most people cannot properly handle.

Every action in our world encompasses a relationship. We are the results of our relationships and the environment of that relationship. Relationships are the backbone of every culture and our society.

The term "Win-Win-Win" infers that each person in the confrontation and the relationship itself all win. This Trinity of Communication, where all parties benefit and an objective relationship is sustained, contributes to humanity’s evolution. Understanding this Trinity provides the hidden secret of accurate and successful communication.

Actually, the “Win-Lose” confrontation is natural and instinctual for animals, but not much of an attribute for humans, nor humanity itself. Skills for achieving a "Win-Win-Win" condition require training. These skills are straightforward and extremely effective. Once you have acquired these verbal confrontation skills, you can resolve the majority of relationship issues.


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