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Some events you can control, some you cannot. How and what employees communicate on the job affects your profits substantially. Creative and constructive dialog best serves your interest and money. Unproductive chatter can slowly erode your profits. Take a peak at our LOST TIME CHART and see for yourself. What can 10 minutes of non-productive talk cost your company by year end?

Individuals, whether at work, in the home, or on their spiritual path need to face each other more constructively. We all know that information gaps or differences can be mitigated by confronting issues as they occur. Properly handling debilitating issues is an integral aspect of our self-awareness and, most importantly, our self-mastery.

In reality, we were never properly taught how to communicate. Neither were we taught how to confront properly and effectively. Can we identify an issue and face it creatively--without fear? We need to learn these skills!

The Confrontation Skills Training Program teaches people how to approach others without fear, verbally address issues, and communicate successfully. It uses the Confrontation Model, a psychologically based formula developed by Dr. Robert Gerard. Acquiring these skills is key to personal empowerment and belongs to the inner tactical strategy--the core process, of facing yourself, the issue, and each other.

Regardless of how adversarial the issue, the learner can apply the Confrontation Model's techniques to clarify and simplify the process. The learner (confronter) stays focused on the issue and coaches the confrontee to creatively solve the issue for which he or she is accountable. The process is steadfast, accurate, and has a set interactive protocols.

A second attribute of the HVC Program occurs subconsciously within the confronter. As he or she learns how to confront others, a remarkable process awakens internally--the individual begins to confront personal (embedded) inhibitions. Over time, pending issues no longer exist. Free from stress, the mind becomes more intuitive and peaceful.

The overall outcome of learning how to confront provides mental clarity and freedom to handle difficult situations more spontaneously, thus opening up creative energies to pursue other things in life.

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