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Some events you can control, some you cannot. How and what employees communicate on the job affects your profits substantially. Creative and constructive dialog best serves your interest and money. Unproductive chatter can slowly erode your profits. Take a peak at our LOST TIME CHART and see for yourself. What can 10 minutes of non-productive talk cost your company by year end?
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Handling Verbal Confrontation is an uplifting and revealing book that can improve your skill level when verbally confronting others. The book presents a step-by-step method to obtain commitment resulting from "win-win-win" confrontations.

It offers sound advice on how you can build relationships in the midst of adversarial situations. It demonstrates how you can learn to become an accurate communicator and a respected confronter. Also you will have an opportunity to learn how to put an end to fear and make confronting a non-painful event.

Handling Verbal Confrontation is for the general audience. The examples, scenarios, and illustrations used portray business and domestic settings. Depending on the need, the book is intended for managers, parents, teachers, supervisors, nurses, teenagers, bankers, health care providers, realtors, day care workers, police and other social service personnel. Special editions of this work are in preparation that focus on specific occupations and vocations.

Handling Verbal Confrontation presents the Confrontation Model--a proven method which increases your confidence to confront others without fear. In addition,  we also use models to explain the actions illustrated associated with the model's behaviors, styles, and processes.

Two models which will help us achieve higher levels of success when we confront are (1) The Accurate Communication Model and (2) The Confrontation Model.

These models are replicas of some real-world phenomena that we use for increasing insight; just as the hammer and screwdriver are tools for the carpenter, so these models are tools for the architect, the scientist, the manager, and the parent.

The following brief story describes how the Confrontation Model came to be. One day, while I was coaching a supervisor in a manufacturing plant, the supervisor said, "Without a tool, confronting others is too hard for me to do. If I had a some kind of confrontation tool, I could use it to confront my people. You know, something I can see, touch, and feel." He picked up a screw driver and demonstrated his skill using it. Then he turned to me, and said, "Give me a confrontation tool, and I'll develop the skills to use it." This challenge led me to develop the Confrontation Model.
Excerpt HVC Book--Introduction

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